19 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma

Moms and Grandmas love nothing more than getting getting handmade gifts from their children and grandchildren – no matter what age they are! So if you want to make that extra special gift this year give one of these a try – they cost very little to make and will give your Mom or Grandma …

Below we’ve put together some amazing handmade Christmas gift ideas, including: heart necklaces, diy bath bombs & bath soaps, natural bath salts, and handmade bracelets! We’ve even added a few cheap ideas you can buy on Amazon – the wine plunger being my fave (this nifty gadget will put a stop to those all too frequent spillages!)

Most of the DIY projects can be made in under 30 mins, with just a few basic or inexpensive supplies – and remember if anyone deserves that extra bit of love that goes into a handmade Christmas gift – it’s our Mom’s, right?


12 DIY Hacks To Create Your Dream Apartment

New homes are always a work in progress. Luckily, State Farm® can help you maximize your space and bring your dream apartment to life, no matter your budget!

12 DIY Hacks To Create Your Dream Apartmen.

Want to have a comfortable and stylish bed without breaking the bank? Making your own headboard is the perfect solution!

Clutter can make your home feel super crowded. Luckily, this pallet coffee table has great storage that’ll help your place feel nice and spacious.


27 MORE Expensive Looking Inexpensive Gifts

Looking for DIY gift ideas for the person who has everything? What better way to show that person you care than to make a homemade gift that shows how much thought and effort you put into it? From picture frames and wall art to one of a kind serving trays to knock offs of designer accessories, we complied a list of DIYs that has a little something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for something for him or her, Mom or Dad, birthday, housewarming or an awesome Christmas gift idea that is sure to impress, we have lots of ideas for you!

If you don’t see what you want here, or just want to see more awesome DIY gift ideas, check out our original list of awesome homemade gifts, 27 Expensive Looking Inexpensive DIY Gifts


Perfect Teacher Gift for Back to School

Gift your child’s new teacher with the perfect back to school teacher gift! Help them relax and put a smile on their face with this super simple craft< Get the kids ready for back to school with this perfect fun and funny teacher gift!

This year in the county I used to work in all my teacher friends have to go back to work a couple weeks early because the school board voted to start the school year early so that classes could be out by the end of May. So my lovely teacher peeps have traded a shorter summer this year for a longer one next year. Kudos to them!

At the beginning of last school year one of my good friends went from teaching 2nd grade to kindergarten and she was pretty nervous about it. It doesn’t sound like a lot but if you’re a teacher or a momma then you know how different kids are between 5 and 8.

Practically totally different human beings. As a former pre-school teacher I knew she could handle it and sail through the year with flying colors but she was still a little worried about it.


21 Awesome Canopy Beds

There’s something about a canopy bed that appeals to the little princess in all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re seven or seventy; the sight of all that soft and billowy fabric makes something deep inside us squeal with glee.

Still, for many, the thought of making that dream a reality can be a little intimidating. Classic canopy beds can be prohibitively expensive, and with all the sewing, carpentry, and hardware installation that goes into many of the beautiful designs we see in magazines and on TV, it’s easy for even the most ambitious DIYer to feel overwhelmed.

Dreaming of a canopy for your little girl’s bedroom? You don’t need to be an expert to make it work! If you’re willing to think outside of the box, there are many simple work-arounds that can save you time, effort, and money.

Whether you go sweet and cozy, modern luxe, or full-scale glam, you can’t go wrong with any of these clever and easy-to recreate canopy bed ideas for girls’ rooms.