How to Make a Macrame Hammock

Sometimes, relaxing on the porch requires a comfortable and stylish hammock. With a few tools and some basic math skills, you’ll have a beautiful chair that shows off your do-it-yourself skills. This hammock is made using the macrame technique, which requires knotting together cords. Macrame is a ce…

Summer is approaching soon, and it’s that time of the year when you bask in the sunlight while sipping a cold beverage and enjoying a good read.

And nothing could be a better way of lounging than lying on a hammock, swaying to and fro. So for a relaxing outing, we suggest you try making a macramé hammock and unwind.


14 Tumblr Inspired DIY Crafts

Tumblr crafts are AWESOME! You’re going to love these 14 Tumblr Inspired DIY Crafts. Come enjoy them.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing these 14 Tumblr Inspired DIY Crafts. You wouldn’t believe how AWESOME these projects are. I am so overwhelmed with the awesomeness. T

hese are legit perfect Teen Crafts, I hope you enjoy these and leave me a comment with your favorite one! I’m a pretty big fan of.


15 Awesome DIY Uses for Pill Bottles

Looking for awesome DIY uses for pill bottles? If they’re just lying around, put them to good use. Do a little upcycling with your empty pill bottles!

’ve been doing some cleaning recently and found a stash of empty pill bottles. I didn’t realize that we’ve collected a lot through the years. I didn’t want to throw them out since they are on my list of things to never throw away. So what to do with them?

Well, DIY crafts and projects of course. If you’re like me and have a few empty pill bottles lying around, then this list of 15 DIY uses for empty pill bottles is for you. From organizing to decoration, you’ll be surprised at what awesome things you can do.